This year's UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences lecture series deals with privacy in the information age.

Conversations on Privacy
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
OCT 19-NOV 16
Fox Tucson Theatre

AZPM will also be livestreaming these discussions at

With every click and swipe, we can access unimaginable amounts of information online. We also leave a trail of personal data, revealing secrets about our health, habits, beliefs, plans, and connections. This fall, join the UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences for a series of five conversations with national experts to explore the benefits and dangers of the digital age.

  • Wednesday, October 19
    Kids Online: Relationships and Privacy in a World of Twitter and Tinder
    From baby photos posted on grandma’s Facebook page to Snapchat selfies, today’s children and teens are growing up publicly online. The unprecedented rise of virtual interactions and access to digital information raises concerns about how new technology is influencing young people and their relationships with peers, loved ones, and the world at large. More information here

  • Wednesday, October 26
    Media Exposé: Fame and Shame in the Digital Age
    In the digital world, we leave a trail of photos, videos, conversations, and other information that can be easily obtained and posted online for everyone to see forever. For journalists trying to hold governments and corporations accountable, this information can be helpful in exposing wrongdoing. For private citizens and celebrities, however, the online publication of personal information can be devastating. More information here

  • Wednesday, November 2
    Corporate Data Collection: What Are We Willing to Give?
    Companies collect information from customers to provide customized services and stay competitive. Customers too can find high value in exchanging their information for personalized services. In this conversation, we will shed light on the hidden privacy challenges that new technology-based services bring about. We will also delve into the future of corporate data collection and digital advertising, including facial recognition technology, mobile location analysis, and the “internet of things.” More information here

  • Wednesday, November 9
    Health & Bodies: Wearing Your Doctor on Your Wrist
    This conversation will reveal how new and emerging technologies, such as personal wearable devices that can collect and transfer information on your wellbeing, are changing public health, the practice of medicine, and employment and insurance – now and in the future. We will highlight the biggest risks to your privacy and meaningful ways to maintain control over your personal information without losing the health benefits of the digital revolution. More information here

  • Wednesday, November 16
    Government Surveillance: Finding the Right Balance for Democracy
    Through our phones and other personal devices, governments have an unprecedented ability to collect data on our whereabouts, conversations, habits, purchases, and connections. This conversation grapples with how a democratic society strives to achieve an acceptable tradeoff between individual privacy rights, the rights of free speech, and national security. More information here

More information at or (520) 621-1112.

The conversations are free and open to the public, but tickets are required at the door. Reserve your tickets for each event in advance through Eventbrite. Tickets also available at the Fox Tucson Theatre box office on the day of the event. For more information, call the UA College of Social & Behavioral Sciences at (520) 621-1112 during normal business hours or call the Fox Tucson Theater at (520) 624-1515.