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Video Production Services

  • Martin Rubio

    Manager, TV Production: 520.621.3180

For more information about AZPM Production Services pricing and custom packages, or to request a quote, email Ian Hubbell or Martin Rubio.

Audio Production, Recording and Mastering Services

  • Jim Blackwood: 520.621.1566

For more information about AZPM Audio Production Services pricing and custom packages, or to request a quote, email Jim Blackwood.

AZPM Production

What Our Clients Say

Jim Murphy Jacquelyn Jackson Executive Director, Tucson Values Teachers

Having worked with several of AZPM’s producers, I was aware of the high-quality of the work and was eager to have that quality applied to the production of a promotional video for Tucson Values Teachers. The video “premiered” at a fundraiser in December 2011 with about 600 in attendance. The production beautifully captured the mission, vision and goals of TVT through the graphics, voice-over, and music. It was very informative and also pulled at heart strings and really drove our message home. I was especially impressed with the high level of competence, professionalism and creativity of the entire AZPM® team. They listened carefully to my own vision of how I hoped it would look and then spun my words into an amazing one-two-three punch of words, images and music. All that and they brought it in on time!  
Jacquelyn Jackson Executive Director, Tucson Values Teachers

Jim Murphy Karen F. Begay Assistant Vice President, Tribal Relations, University of Arizona

Arizona Public Media® provided production support and technical assistance for a grant funded project to produce and air public service announcements (PSA) on college access and readiness that would air on tribal radio stations. The uniqueness of this project is that it has never been done before AND the messages were done in both English and a tribal language. I chose AZPM® to produce these PSA’s based on the recommendation of Robert Shelton, former President of the UA. The production team and management were very supportive of the project and did an outstanding job of recording, editing, and producing the PSAs. The studios were well equipped to do the quality work and the team really did a great job of making the spokespersons feel welcomed to the studio. Management followed-up to make sure we were happy with the end product.
Karen F. Begay Assistant Vice President, Tribal Relations, University of Arizona

Video Production Services

Full range production services Full Range of Video Production Services

Arizona Public Media Production Services offers a full-range of video and media production services ranging from single SD camera shoots to multi-camera High Definition studio productions. AZPM Production Services has the facilities, resources and creative staff to meet all of your production needs.

Full range production services - studio Full range production services - audio

Let Arizona Public Media Production Services be a part of your company’s marketing strategy. We can work with you to create a production that reinforces your company’s message with a unity of text, music, graphics and other visual elements. We provide you with the most suitable delivery options for your video production. The final product can be a DVD, web video, tape or portable storage.

Our emmy-award winning staff has designed and created promotional video productions and educational video productions for organizations like YWCA of Tucson, Education Enrichment Foundation and Pima Council on Aging.

Audio Solutions

AZPM Audio Production Services

State of the Art Audio Services

Arizona Public Media's award-winning audio professionals are ready to assist you with a range of services and skills with state-of-the-art resources. From simple studio recordings to podcast production and audio mastering, AZPM can customize our services to meet your needs.

Full range production services - studio Full range of audio production services - audio

Studio Recording
  • Single or multiple voice tracking/recording
  • Professional in-house voice talent available
  • Interview recording
  • ISDN connectivity
  • Variety of studio microphones including our vintage RCA 77-DX

Podcast Production
  • Includes all recording, editing, file conversion and uploading

Location Recording
  • Stereo and multi-track concert + recital recording
  • Orchestral recording (Decca Tree)
  • Fully equipped with Sound Devices multi-track recorders and a large variety of microphones
  • News field audio recording
  • Audio for television/film productions

Audio Mastering
  • The only dedicated mastering studio in Southern Arizona
  • Analog and digital mastering outboard equipment
  • Sequoia digital audio workstation
  • Dunlavy monitoring
  • Studer A807 reel for playback/recording

Audio Editing/Mixing
  • Analog and digital outboard equipment
  • Sequoia/Samplitude digital audio workstations
  • Soundcraft Ghost analog console

Audio Restoration
  • iZotope RX professional restoration software

Audio Archival Transfers
  • Reel to reel transfers using Studer A807 + Otari MX5050
  • Tape baking available when needed
  • Cassette transfers using customized Nakamichi CR-7
  • Vinyl transfers

Video Conferencing

AZPM Production Services Video Conference

State of the Art Video Conferencing

In this day of diminished travel budgets, video conferencing is the most efficient way to bring people and teams together. AZPM Production Services offers state of the art video conferencing with IP and ISDN capabilities for one to ten people in a conveniently located facility on the campus of the University of Arizona. In addition, we have remote site video conferencing capabilities.