Happening at AZPM in June 2021

Regional Murrow Award winners, Pride Month programming, and the Global Arts Showcase.

Arizona Public Media Receives Six Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

Category honors include Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Excellence in Video, and News Documentary

Happening at AZPM in May 2021

50 years of NPR, National Asian American and Pacific Islander month, and a new film commemorates the Tulsa Race Massacre.

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Arizona Public Media (AZPM) educates, informs, and inspires by bringing people and ideas together.


AZPM envisions a community in which ideas abound, knowledge is sought, and learning never ends.



AZPM is dedicated to uncompromising journalistic values and accountability in all it does. AZPM staff, volunteers, and students are committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of its audiences and colleagues with honesty, integrity, and respect.


Long-term success comes through innovation. AZPM accepts reasonable risks in its strategic investments to leverage content across multiple platforms.


As an operating unit of the University of Arizona, AZPM promotes lifelong learning. AZPM encourages individual contributions, values the open exchange of knowledge and ideas, and respects diversity of opinion.


AZPM sets challenging goals and achieves measurable results. Strategic decisions will be guided by what best serves audiences.


High quality production and the best use of technology are expected. AZPM is committed to using its financial, technical, and human capital to create and deliver exceptional services to the community.

Open Meetings

Arizona Public Media® and AZPM® are registered trademarks of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). It is the policy of AZPM to comply with the open meetings requirement for public broadcast stations as set forth in the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. 47 USC § 396(k)(4), and the Arizona Open Meeting Law, A.R.S. § 38-431 et seq.

AZPM’s radio and television stations are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ABOR for the benefit of the University of Arizona. General information about ABOR can be found at ABOR's website. ABOR’s public meetings policies are contained within the Bylaws section of its Policy Manual. The ABOR website also contains a listing of all upcoming ABOR public meetings.

AZPM’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) works to ensure that AZPM stations meet the needs and interests of the communities they serve. General information about the CAB can be found on the CAB section of our site. Meetings of the CAB and its committees are generally open to the public. AZPM’s meeting policy is available for download. A listing of all scheduled CAB and CAB Committee Meetings can also be found on the CAB page.

AZPM Standards

Arizona Public Media is committed to serving the public interest by providing content of the highest quality that enriches the marketplace of ideas, unencumbered by commercial imperative.

Our Editorial Standards and Policies and Our Code of Ethics are our guides to that commitment.

AZPM Strategic Plan 2017-2021

About AZPM

Arizona Public Media® and AZPM® are registered trademarks of the Arizona Board of Regents, which, for the benefit of the University of Arizona (UA), holds the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadcast licenses for all AZPM radio and television stations.

AZPM is an editorially independent, nonprofit service of the UA and is funded through the generous support of annual and sustaining members, the business community (through program underwriting), fee-for-service production activities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and direct and in-kind support from the UA.

Arizona Public Media broadcast stations are licensed to the Arizona Board of Regents. Arizona Public Media and AZPM are registered trademarks of the Arizona Board of Regents.
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