2022-2023 Report to the Community

Dear Friends

FY23 was an exciting year for AZPM as it continued its legacy of impactful and highly visual storytelling, compelling educational programming, and engaging community events. From improvements to its technical infrastructure to a renewed focus on local content to expansion of its distribution platforms, AZPM continues to grow and engage viewers, listeners, and digital consumers with award-winning, in-depth news and information, entertainment, and educational programming for children and adults alike.

In alignment with its legacy as Arizona’s first instructional television station, KUAT Channel 6, AZPM continues to be an educational haven, providing quality children’s television programming and engagement 24/7 via its PBS Kids channel and PBS Learning Media online. Through partnerships with non-profits and area public schools, AZPM boosted its in-person engagement activities with PBS Kids viewing parties and hands-on learning events, and offered PBS Learning Media training opportunities to local teachers, students, and parents.

In response to the need to address AZPM’s antiquated and cramped physical infrastructure, the Arizona Board of Regents approved a plan to construct a new state-of-the-art broadcast facility, the Paul and Alice Baker Center for Public Media, to be located at the UA Tech Park at The Bridges, 3.5 miles south of the current facility. Local donors have already committed nearly 85% of the construction cost; a capital campaign to secure the remaining funds continues. The University of Arizona has pledged its ongoing institutional support and is committed to the opportunities for civic engagement, community service, and student growth the new facility represents.

The University of Arizona is proud to provide this long-established and highly regarded public media service to the community. Your continued support makes it possible for AZPM to share the rich heritage and unique cultures of Southern Arizona throughout the region and, digitally, with audiences around the globe. We are humbled by and grateful for your continued investment in Arizona Public Media.

Jack Gibson
Chief Executive Officer, AZPM

What’s New

Through your support, AZPM’s legacy of quality programming continues with all new special programs, documentaries, podcasts, and series exploring various aspects of life in Arizona and beyond. Swipe right or click the arrow and see what's new at AZPM.

AZPM new branding


Arizona Public Media is now simply AZPM. Encompassing the legacy of broadcast and evolving into the digital age, the shift to AZPM represents our mission to further connect with our community.

AZPM Original Series

Children of the Holocaust

Through a series of moving individual interviews, this extraordinary project archives for posterity the stories of those who survived, as children, the most horrific event of the twentieth century. Now residing in perpetuity on and at the Tucson Jewish Museum and Holocaust Remembrance Center, this is perhaps the most enduring, profound, and important historical preservation project AZPM has ever produced.

AZPM Original Series

State of the ArtZ

A new quarterly program that showcases the inspiring and diverse arts and culture landscape that make Tucson and Southern Arizona unique. Hosted by Tucson Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster and UA Assistant Professor of Violin Lauren Roth.

More than a Game

More than a Game

Debuting to high acclaim, the More than a Game podcast features the greatest sports stories you’ve never heard, hosted by veteran sports reporter and NPR 98.1 morning announcer, Tony Perkins.

AZPM Original Series

New Frontiers

A new quarterly series featuring the research, discovery, and innovation taking place right here at the University of Arizona. Hosted by University of Arizona astrophysicist Erika Hamden.

AZPM News Daily

AZPM News Daily

AZPM News Daily has quickly become one of our most popular podcasts. Featuring the latest headlines, issues and in-depth stories impacting residents across Arizona, get it wherever you get your podcasts.

AZPM Original Production

OSIRIS-REx: To Bennu and Back

AZPM has been there since the beginning chronicling the triumphs and challenges of this historic space mission highlighted in a one-hour feature documentary. OSIRIS-REx: To Bennu and Back offers an inside look at the complete mission since its inception.

What’s Improved

Investment from the community has made it possible for AZPM to enhance its offerings to stay relevant and engage audiences in today's rapidly changing media landscape. Swipe or click right and discover what we've been working on.


Local News Coverage

AZPM News is expanding to fill the demand for in-depth, quality reporting throughout the region. With the addition of many new, seasoned, and award-winning journalists, as well as strategic partnerships with news organizations throughout the state, AZPM can cover all the topics that continue to matter in southern Arizona.

New Transmitter

This past summer, AZPM installed a custom-built, full-power, solid-state transmitter on Mt. Bigelow to restore normal over-the-air service on PBS 6, PBS 6 PLUS, and PBS KIDS to viewers on the fringes of AZPM’s broadcast footprint.

CD Digitization

A multi-year project has begun to transfer the station’s entire music library of more than 19,000 compact discs to digital files. To meet the enormous goal of converting AZPM’s classical catalog, hundreds of CDs will be digitized each month until completion.

Technical Upgrades

Your support helps AZPM continue to invest in production capabilities to enable the high-quality local content that you value. Our new storage system, capable of holding thousands of hours of UHD footage, enables our innovative storytelling to be future-proof and ready for distribution on every platform.

In addition to our new production storage, AZPM’s upgraded radio automation system will provide the ability for locally scheduled music to broadcast 24 hours a day from its local curated digital music library.

What's Coming

The future of AZPM will be shaped by a combination of technological innovation, audience engagement strategies, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a continued focus on serving the public interest by providing informative, educational, and trustworthy content made possible through your support.

Bridging Communities

The Paul & Alice Baker Center for Public Media

At the corner of South Kino Parkway and East 36th Street, AZPM’s new home will be a live-work-play-learn environment that is one of the region’s most innovative and exciting developments.

In December 2023, AZPM will launch FNX Digital in Southern Arizona, a 24/7 stream showcasing Native-produced and themed documentaries, dramatic series, nature, cooking, gardening, children's and arts programming that illustrates the lives and cultures of Native American and indigenous people around the world.

Your Vote 2024

For the most comprehensive election coverage, AZPM partners with KJZZ and Arizona PBS in Phoenix to report on the most consequential races this election season. Up to the minute results are available on and through live newscasts on NPR 89.1.

AZPM Original Production

PBS Kids Digital

As part of a grant from PBS KIDS, the AZPM PBS Kids website will be relaunched with a local look to reflect the most popular and relevant content from PBS KIDS Games, PBS LearningMedia, and PBS Parents. Stream, play, and learn with your child beginning in January 2024!

ATSC 3.0

AZPM will be available via ATSC 3.0, a next generation broadcast system designed to enhance the television viewing experience with higher audio and video quality, improved efficiency, robust reception on both fixed and mobile devices, with more accessibility, personalization and interactivity.

By the Numbers

AZPM continues to be one of the most-watched and listened-to public media stations in the country. In 2023, we reached more people across more platforms than ever before, seeing significant increases in streaming, podcast listenership, and engagement. From streaming data to ratings, see what we accomplished together this year.


In FY22, AZPM employed 29 students

Student success is at the core of AZPM’s educational mission. AZPM offers the opportunity for University of Arizona students to work alongside seasoned professionals in a variety of areas, including news, television and radio production, marketing, business, and fundraising. AZPM students have been recognized with regional and national awards, and many have gone on to professional careers with high-profile organizations such as the PBS NewsHour.

... and hosted 265 volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of AZPM’s community, assisting with everything from on-air fundraising campaigns and office administration to community events and preview screenings. In the past year, 265 volunteers contributed their invaluable time, skills, and experience in various capacities. Community support through membership, corporate sponsorship, and volunteering allows AZPM to continue to provide Southern Arizona with quality local and national programming on television, radio, and online. Volunteers truly put the “public” in Arizona Public Media!

AZPM is #1 in viewership per capita


Since its inception as Arizona’s first public television station, KUAT-TV, PBS 6 has been a constant and reliable source of quality entertainment, educational programming, and trusted in-depth news and information in Southern Arizona. Consistently ranked among the top public television stations in the country, PBS 6 offers fan favorites like PBS NewsHour, MASTERPIECE, Nature, NOVA, and award-winning original content.

In fiscal year 2022, 277,500 homes watched PBS 6 — that's over 79% of households in Southern Arizona. Thanks to our outstanding audience, PBS 6 was #1 in viewership per capita among the top 56 PBS markets.*

*Source: TRAC Media
AZPM Radio Stations


In 2023, AZPM averaged over 120,000 weekly unduplicated listeners across our three radio stations, reaching a wide and diverse audience through news, music, and entertainment.

Time spent listening for our flagship station, NPR 89.1, increased by almost 5% from Nov 2022 to Nov 2023*.

*Source: Radio Research Consortium, Weekly TSL Nov 23

AZPM Passport continues to be a smash hit, driving streaming numbers to new bests. Over 1 million episodes of PBS and AZPM content were streamed with AZPM Passport in 2023, beating our previous high by over 23%.

Our users also spent almost 30% more time with us in 2023 than they did last year. In fact, if you added up all the time our members spent watching AZPM Passport in 2023 alone, it would add up to over 85 years*.

*Source: PBS VPPA Data / PBS DOMO
PBS stations reach more children than any other kid's TV network

PBS Kids

Providing engaging and educational programming for kids remains one of the most critical parts of our mission. As technology needs for families have changed, AZPM has adapted. Now, more children are watching our content through apps and OTT (over-the-top or non-television) devices than over traditional broadcast. This year, free PBS Kids content was streamed over 11.4 million times* by Southern Arizona families.

*Source: PBS DOMO


In 2023, AZPM produced three all-new podcasts and released the highly-anticipated second season of our break-out hit, Tapped. Over a quarter-million people* downloaded one of our podcasts this year, our best-ever performance and a 35% increase over 2022.

Thanks to community support, Tapped will return with a third season in 2024.

*Source: PodTrac


Operating and Non-Operating Revenues: $13,000,326*
6% University of Arizona general appropriations
6% Auxiliary enterprises
9% Business & underwriting
10% University of Arizona donated facilities & support
13% Corporation for Public Broadcasting grants
24% Major giving, legacies, & bequests
32% Individual giving, subscription & membership, non-operating revenue
Operating and Non-Operating Expenses: $12,392,288*
10% Management & general
26% Fundraising & membership development
64% Programming, production, public information & promotion, broadcasting


In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, AZPM is proud to have received national recognition for our news coverage and original programming. See what stories and videos resonated in our community and across the country.

Edward R. Murrow Awards

AZPM received six regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. Category honors include Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Sports Reporting, and Excellence in Video. Water Harvester: An Invitation to Abundance received a National Murrow Award.

In 2023, AZPM received three Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards in the categories of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Education/Schools, and Photography. AZPM was nominated for 15 Emmys for 14 projects across 11 categories, the most of any public media broadcaster in the region.

Our Donors

Without our generous donors, we could not bring our community the entertainment, news, and information they deserve. Thank you!

CEO's Circle

(Annual investment of $25,000 and above)

The Jade Tree Foundation
The Kautz Family Foundation
Ellen Kaye
Marianne Leedy
Drs. Yvonne & Richard Morris
Carol & Michael Obst
Thomas R. Brown Family Private Foundation

Producer's Circle

(Annual investment of $15,000 - $24,999)

Anonymous Gift
Alice & Paul Baker
Laura W. & Archibald M. Brown
John E. Crow
Beatrice & Sam Ellis
Elaine & Stanley Goldberg
The Jasam Foundation
Julianna Kasper
Carol Krueger & Bill Willmering
Nancy & Ed Landes
Sharon & Larry Malcolmson
Felicia & Warren May
Christine M. McDonough
Doug Wylie

Director’s Circle

(Annual investment of $10,000 - $14,999)

Anonymous Gifts (3)
Lidia & Joel Allen
Laura Almquist*
Denice Blake & John Blackwell
Dr. Gail Burd & Dr. John Hildebrand
Douglas A. Clark
Mary & Alexander Dunkel
Diane & Max Haegele
Linda & John Hughes

Patricia Killoran
Mona Kreaden & Paul Lipton
Terry McNellis
Barbara Minker
Dr. Fran Orrok
Paul Bryant Smith Foundation
Dr. Steven Strober
Barbra Vogen


Editor’s Circle

(Annual investment of $5,000 - $9,999)

Anonymous Gifts (5)
Allyn Family Foundation
Tim Arneson
Christine & Alan Barreuther
Rosalie & Alan Baumrucker
Janice & Jerome Bishop
Jennifer Boice & Mark Kimble
Sylvia & Herbert Burton
Carolyn Ann Cooper & John Sharawara
Carol des Cognets
Charlene & Gary Forbes
Barbara & Ted Frohling
Louise & James* Glasser
Stephanie & Jay Zuckerman
Suzanne J. Gross

Helen E. & Daniel T. Lindsay Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jan Holub
Bonnie Irwin & Dr. Michael Irwin
Scott Johnson in Memory of Agnes Marie Johnson
Sue & Frank Judnich
Brigitte & Gerhard Kaeser
Bonnie Kay
Philip T. Kislak
Amelia & David Klawon
The Larry & Kathryn Berkbigler Foundation
Rowena Matthews
Richard McCarver
Gary McCormick
Lynn McKenna
Leslie Miller & Sean Connelly
Joretta Morrison

Ann W. Nichols*
Leslie & Martin Nitzberg
Betty Ohr
Sandra & James Peebles
Eric Peters
Martha Havlick Pille
Sally Quinby
Eileen & Thomas Rotkis
Jasmine & Richard Seagrave
Judy & Noah Sensibar
Myrna-Sue Shimberg
Judy & Don Spiro
Barbara E. Stokely
Susan & Paul Vanatta
Theodore R. Wimmer
Katherine & Robert Yaeger


Studio Circle

(Annual investment of $2,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous Gifts (5)
Susie & Bill Adams
Kristine Allaman
Rose & Lyle Anderson
Priscilla & Michael Baldwin
Elyse Benson
Erika & Bernd Brand
Maria & Kelly Brazzell
Dr. Mary Brown
Cheryl Cahill & Dave Young
Susan Call
Karen Christensen & Ken Kay
Jean Coward
Susan & Charles Cremin
Nancy Davis
Vera De Jong & Dr. Richard De Jong
Karen De Lay & Bill Sandel
Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini & Dino J. DeConcini
Theresa Devries & George Flink
Mary Ann & Darryl Dobras
Anna Don
David Donnelly
Joan Epstein
John Esterhay
Frances Chapin Foundation

Bonnie & Ed Frisch
Kim Frontz
Carolyn Fuchs
Laura & Jack Gibson
Dr. Steven Goldman
Susan Grana
Louise Greenfield & Simon Rosenblatt
Donita Gross
Carol & George Hearn
Sandra & Elliott Heiman
Ann Hunt
Therese Jezioro & Thomas Hestwood
Dr. Henry Johnson
Dale Keyes
Dr. Laurence Kolonel
Heidi & Paul Kraft
Janis & David Labiner
Capt. Marilyn Lindell & Dr. Thomas Lindell
Gina Marie Lindsey & Thomas Dow
Virginia Mathis
Susan Maxwell
Ruth & Terry McFadden
Christina & Douglas McVie

Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Fund
Juanita Merchant
Patricia Mersy & Dr. David Mersy
Sandra & Jon Miller
Mary Ann & Richard Miya
Frances W. Moore
Dr. Janet Moore*
Martha Mount & Col. Michael Mount
Charlotte & James Mullis
Connie & Jim Murphy
Sheri Neufeld & Jeff Koloseus
Cynthia Newlon
Christina Noz & Abraham Wu
Lolene & Kenneth Pacholke
The Petal Fund
Sarah & Rolf Peters
Dr. Mary Peterson & Dr. Lynn Nadel
Charles Pettis
Renee Poirier
Jo Quintenz
Robin & Douglas Rainwater
Helen Rib
Arlene & James Ripley
Ann* & Lewis Roscoe
Dr. Herschel Rosenzweig

The Schmidt & Barton Family Fund
Bonnie Schneider & Dennis Grigal
Ellie & Si Schorr
Judy Sisson
Jacqueline Smith
Rica Spivack
Agnes Stahlschmidt & Parviz Nikravesh
Leonard Summers
Walter Swap
Rosa Swartwout
Dr. Craig F. Talbot
Barbara & Craig Thayer
Sara Tichenor & Mohan Somasundaram
Dr. Leslie Tolbert & Dr. Paul St. John
Bill Toskey
C. Ann Tousley*
The Walnut Foundation
Joan P. Warfield
Wendy & Elliott Weiss
Paula Jacobi & Todd Wiener
Dr. James M. Woolfenden


Estate Gifts

Estate of Burton Cunin
Estate of Judyth Drury
Estate of Clarke R. Duncan
Estate of John G. Duncan, Jr.
Estate of Suzanne Edwards
Estate of Bette L. Ervin

Estate of Professor Betty A. Goff
Estate of Gordon J. Graham
Estate of Carol A. Hazel
Estate of Roger E. Rosecrans
Estate of Jessica S. Walker

Legacy Circle

(Planned Gift)

Anonymous Gifts (6)
Mary & William Ahls
Kathy Alexander & Paul Lindsey
Lidia & Joel Allen
Peggy Altfater
Phala & Cliff Andressen
Julian M. Babad
Cathie R. Bacia
Caroline Blackburn
Denice Blake & John Blackwell
Dr. Nathaniel Bloomfield
Ted Brewer
Dr. Bonnie J Buntain
Dr. Gail Burd & Dr. John Hildebrand
Dan Cavanagh
C. C. Caywood
Nia Clark
Leslie Miller & Sean Connelly
Jeanne & Thomas Crawford
Janice Crebbs
Terry Downey & Dr. Peter Downey
Charlotte Engvall
Marcella Erler
John Esterhay
Sara* & Palmer Evans
Sally & John Evert
Susan E. Finley

Anne M. Fletcher
Dr. Deane Ford & Clark Rook*
Dr. Kendra Gaines
Marjorie A. Gerdes
Barbara Gores & Jim Boulay
Denise & William Gose
Louise Greenfield & Simon Rosenblatt
Karen Griffith
Dr. Beth Grindell
Donita Gross
Suzanne J. Gross
Ethel & Kenneth Haber
Sara Hammond & David Fales
Ken Hirschberg
Ben R. Howenstine
Norma Inkster
Virginia Ivin
Katherine Jacobson
Therese Jezioro & Thomas Hestwood
Sharon Johnson
Julianna Kasper
Sandra Kennedy
Patricia Killoran
Dr. Rustam Z. Kothavala
Susan & John Koza
Marianne Leedy
Sara Lely & Douglas Taylor
Dr. Michele Manos

Donna Mardis
Kristine Marino
Beth Hall McCandless
Annise Miller
Leone L. Mohney
Marcia A. Molter
Sally Montagne & Dr. Ernest R. Montagne
Joan A. Morris
Martha Mount & Col. Michael Mount
Janet & John Nash
Gentry Neal
Shirley Newman
Susan & Larry Newman
Carol Nigut
Marge O'Neil
Lolene & Kenneth Pacholke
Celeste Pardee
Anthony Peeters
Sandra & Joseph Perillo
Penelope & John Pestle
Jay K. Petersen
Jane & James Peterson
Ruth & Steven Pollyea
Ellen Poulson
Kenneth R. Proper
Barbara & Leon Radziemski
Lisa Toor Robinson
Katheryn A. Schmidt

Walter Schoenheim
Trisa & Andrew Schorr
Donna & Barry Sheridan
Mohur Sarah Sidhwa
Jeffrey Stallings
Darlene S. Sumners
Margaret Sutherland-Jones
Bruce Swanney
Dr. Craig F. Talbot
Barbara & Craig Thayer
Karla & Randall Timmons
Roberta Tucker
Pamela* & Bill Unternaehrer
Liselotte Copes Van Hasselt & Roelof H. Van Hasselt Jr.
Linda & John Verbiscar
Barbra Vogen
Joan P. Warfield
Christopher Weingartner
Mary A. Wheat
Nancy & Herbert White
Lois* & Steve Wilhelm
Nancy Williams
Suann Woodward & Robert Johnson
Amy Zuckerman


Major Corporate Support Clients

Arizona Opera
Arizona Restoration Pros
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Arizona Theatre Company
Baker's Home Furnishings
Banner Health UMC
Basis Tucson
Broadway in Tucson
Catalina In-Home Services, Inc.
Cathey's Sewing & Vacuum Center
Citizen's Clean Elections Commission
DeGrazia Foundation and Gallery
Dent Busters
EL Cisne
First Things First
Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman & Hunter Eye Care and Surgery Center
Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation
Goodwill Southern Arizona
Group One Motorwerks
Hacienda at the Canyon/Hacienda at the River

Halili Physical Therapy
Kathy Alexander and Paul Lindsey
Laurence Lof
The Maids
Maya Palace
Mercaldo Law Firm
The Metal Man Inc.
Mona's Danish Bakery
Old Pueblo Community Services
Patio Connection Persian Room
Pima Council on Aging
Pima County Attractions
Pima County Communications
Pima County Juvenile Court - CASA
Plaza Colonial
Primavera Foundation Phoenix
Raising Cane's Chicken
The Rialto Theatre
Room of Rugs

Savaya Coffee Market
The Solar Store
Solari Crisis & Human Services
Sonoran Ear Nose Throat and Audiology
Southwest Designs Kitchens and Baths
SW Fair Housing Council
Tank's Green Stuff
Technicians for Sustainability
Tohono Chul Park
Tucson Airport Authority
Tucson Electric Power
Tucson Eye Care
Tucson Hebrew Academy
Tucson Subaru
Tucson Symphony Orchestra
UA Eller College of Management
UA Science Flandrau
Vantage West Credit Union
Western National Parks Association
Zayna Mediterranean Restaurant

Bridging Communities Donors of $10,000+

Anonymous Gifts (9)
Kathy Alexander & Paul Lindsey
Alice & Paul Baker
Priscilla & Michael Baldwin
Kerstin Block
Rebecca Block & Tim Haskin
Betsy Bolding
Laura W. & Archibald M. Brown
Kent Burbank & Vicente Talanquer
Dr. Gail Burd & Dr. John Hildebrand
Jennifer Casteix & George Jenson
Vicki & Paul Chandler
Karen Christensen & Ken Kay
Deb Dale & Jeff Grubic
Diamond Foundation
Mary Ann & Darryl Dobras
Lynne Wood Dusenberry & Bruce L. Dusenberry
The George Mason & Lois C. Green Foundation

Laura & Jack Gibson
The Glasser Family
Louise Greenfield & Simon Rosenblatt
Franklin W. Hamilton*
JoAnne & Bob Hungate
The Jade Tree Foundation
The Jasam Foundation
Therese Jezioro & Tom Hestwood
The Jacqueline Anne Morris Memorial Foundation
Beth & Dr. I. Michael Kasser
Eleanor & Josephine Katterhenry
The Kautz Family Foundation
Ellen Kaye
Mona B. Kreaden & Paul M. Lipton
Kristi & John Lai
Marianne & Bill* Leedy
Jan Lesher
Anne Maley-Schaffner & Tim Schaffner

Patricia Morgan in Memory of Peter Salomon
Morton K. & Jane Blaustein Foundation
Ingrid Novodvorksy & Chris Johnson
Barbara & Hank Peck
Sandra & James Peebles
Penelope & John Pestle
Lollie Plank
Pam & Bruce Simon
Tad & Cindy Piper Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Thomas R. Brown Family Private Foundation
TMC Health
Amy Zuckerman

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