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Tom McNamara, host of Arizona Public Media's award-winning news magazine, Arizona Illustrated, filming at the Winterhaven Historic District.


Purpose Arizona Public Media (AZPM) serves audiences by bringing people and ideas together to elevate and enrich lives. Mission AZPM acquires, creates, and shares informative, educational, and entertaining content and experiences. Vision AZPM envisions an enlightened and connected community where learning never ends.
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Dear Friends

Over the course of the last year, Arizona Public Media enjoyed exceptional audience growth on every platform: television, radio, and online, including record-breaking growth for AZPM Passport, our video-on-demand member benefit. AZPM staff members were honored with eight individual Emmy® Awards for four projects and two regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for journalistic excellence. AZPM’s flagship station, PBS 6, was again ranked the #1 public television station in the country for full week viewership during the May sweeps period and was among the top five most-watched public television stations nationally in every other major sweeps period.

One of the major initiatives achieved this year was to establish NPR 89.1 as a full-time news and information radio station featuring a mix of local, national, and international programs. In addition, new FM frequencies were added to provide improved NPR signal receptions to communities outside the Tucson metro area: 104.5 FM, serving residents in Catalina and SaddleBrooke, and 91.1 FM, serving residents in Nogales, AZ. NPR 89.1 was ranked #1 among all Tucson radio stations in the summer ratings period, a first for that station.

Like so many other organizations across the country, AZPM was significantly affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in mid-March. AZPM responded immediately to CDC and University of Arizona safety guidelines. Emergency procedures were implemented to ensure seamless broadcast operations and maintain the high content standards for which AZPM is known. Health and sanitation protocols were enacted to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and their families. Working remotely, AZPM's news and content teams continued to produce all local programs without interruption. In response to widespread school closures, AZPM formed a partnership with Arizona PBS in Phoenix to help support families working to keep children educationally engaged from home. Within days, AZPM's Education, Outreach, and TV Programming teams created and launched a suite of free digital learning resources and an educational broadcast schedule of programs aligned with state curriculum standards.

For so many in our community, 2020 has proven to be difficult and challenging; what started off as a normal year quickly transformed into something unprecedented. Through it all, AZPM remains a widely respected, trusted, and successful public media organization that consistently earns top national rankings on all of its media platforms. Thanks to the ongoing financial investment from the community, AZPM remains favorably positioned to provide compelling and timely programming from award-winning journalists and producers for years to come.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jack GibsonJack Gibson signatureJACK GIBSON Chief Executive Officer
Arizona Public Media
Lisa RulneyLisa Rulney signatureLISA N. RULNEY Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, University of Arizona
Steven EddySteven Eddy signatureSTEVEN EDDY Chair, Arizona Public Media Community Advisory Board,
Manager, Government and External Affairs, UNS Energy Corp, Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy Services
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In the initial weeks of the pandemic, 100% of AZPM’s local production capability was redeployed to cover stories about the coronavirus and to support the newsgathering that helps to keep audiences informed and safe. Most radio news production moved off-site, with anchors, reporters, editors, and producers working remotely. In-studio TV news production was pared back to the absolute minimum as journalists and producers also began working remotely.

Almost immediately, Arizona 360 began including focused reporting on the pandemic in every episode and produced a special, “Coronavirus in Southern Arizona,” that aired in late March.

Through mid-May, the news team provided pandemic-focused Saturday and Sunday radio newscasts and TV newsbreaks to ensure listeners and viewers always had the most useful news and information at their fingertips.

The Buzz continues to provide listeners with in-depth analysis of the latest state and local news, while Arizona Spotlight and the newly rebranded Arizona Illustrated have taken a more personal look at how the pandemic is affecting individuals in Southern Arizona.

In addition, AZPM’s content team produced more than twenty 60-second public service announcements that were made available to PBS stations across the U.S. to educate viewers about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ongoing reporting on all aspects of the pandemic continues online at, on PBS 6, and on NPR 89.1.

In response to the pandemic, AZPM formed a partnership with Arizona PBS in Phoenix to provide educational content to students and educators affected by school closures statewide.

At Home Learning

Arizona At-Home Learning, a suite of free digital learning resources coupled with an educational broadcast schedule of programs aligned with state curriculum standards, launched in March and continues to provide remote learning resources through a website and television programming endorsed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

AZPM also provided distance learning assets to Southern Arizona teachers through a series of PBS LearningMedia workshops.

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In early March of 2020, AZPM staff began working from home and enacted in-office distancing as prescribed by the CDC.
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AZPM Staff Achievements

Arizona Public Media staff received eight individual Emmy® Awards for four projects in as many categories from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences during a virtual ceremony on September 19. This year’s honors include a win for AZPM’s special documentary project, The Arizonans, and the second consecutive win for Arizona 360. Arizona Illustrated earned nods in two categories, including arts/entertainment and societal concerns.

AZPM was nominated for the prestigious Overall Excellence award for the fifth time in six years. The award is presented to a single organization for overall excellence in operations, local productions, and involvement in the community.

AZPM received two regional Edward R. Murrow awards, one in the Multimedia category for the website (, and one for Feature Reporting for the Arizona Illustrated story, “What Remains.”

AZPM producer Ariana Brocious received the National Public Media Journalists Association Silver Award for Continuing Coverage for her work on Arizona border wall coverage, and AZPM’s Christopher Conover was presented with the RIAS-Berlin Commission Media Award for The Buzz: “German Voices on Immigration.”

Original Productions and Accolades

Wild Arizona! showcased the eclectic and enchanting beauty of Arizona’s flora and fauna.

The pilot episode of the Emmy award-winning documentary series The Arizonans profiled the Udall family. This new series chronicles the lives of people who have forged Arizona in their vision.

In the Arizona Illustrated documentary special “La Vaquita,” producer Vanessa Barchfield took viewers on a journey to the Sea of Cortez where the most endangered marine mammal on earth is fighting for survival against overwhelming odds.

Arizona Spotlight concluded its participation in StoryCorps’ One Small Step project, led by producer and host Mark McLemore, in which conversations between people of differing political beliefs helped them break down barriers created by politics and recognize their shared humanity.

With the participants’ permission, the twenty-five conversations recorded in this project are preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

Watch a preview of Arizona Illustrated's Emmy Award winning special, “La Vaquita.”
Ariana Brocious
Ariana Brocious, Producer, The Buzz, National Public Media Journalists Association Silver Award winner.
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PBS 6, PBS 6 Plus, and PBS Kids

PBS 6 remains a source of trusted information as significant regional and national events continue to unfold, presenting relevant stories and providing escape with a wide variety of entertainment. The January premiere of Sanditon on MASTERPIECE was well-received. Country Music, a film series by Ken Burns recounting the history of country music, premiered in September with an encore presentation the following summer.

As reflected in their strong rankings, AZPM’s thoughtful and thought-provoking original programs, Arizona Illustrated and Arizona 360, remain committed to meaningful, unique, and trustworthy storytelling that serves Southern Arizona.

PBS 6Top 10 Programs*
  1. Charles and Di: The Truth Behind Their Wedding
  2. Arizona COVID-19 Town Hall
  3. Stand by Me
  4. The Mirror Has Two Faces
  5. Endeavour on MASTERPIECE
  6. Inspector Lewis on MASTERPIECE
  7. 10 Streets That Changed America
  8. Frankie Drake Mysteries
  9. Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed
  10. Midsomer Murders
*†Trac Media - July 2019 to June 2020
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Arizona Illustrated
Arizona 360
Sanditon on MASTERPIECE premiered January 12, 2020 on PBS 6.
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PBS 6, PBS 6 Plus, and PBS Kids
#2PBS 6 rank in the nation for whole week viewing.†
13%PBS 6 PLUS total cumulative audience increase.
66%PBS KIDS reaches kids 2-8 years old in the viewing area.
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In January, the radio news team implemented a seamless transition to a more in-depth approach to storytelling that decreased the overall quantity of stories while increasing the depth and quality of the coverage. The new system allowed reporters to dig deeper into stories and provide more valuable insights to listeners. As a result, feature-length news reports grew from a weekly average of 1.5 in February to an average of 5.5 per week by the end of May.

In February and early March, radio news staff teamed up with the television content team to produce Arizona Addicted, a multi-platform series that examined the impact of opioid use, told stories of those affected, and highlighted local initiatives to reduce the negative effect of this type of addiction.

The Vanishing Vaquita,” a multi-platform report, examined the conservation efforts to preserve from extinction a small porpoise found only in the Gulf of California.

Focusing on issues rather than rhetoric, AZPM’s “Your Vote 2020” provided audiences with trusted election news and information. Coverage was carefully coordinated across all platforms, with day-to-day news coverage and analysis provided on radio and online, while Arizona 360 and The Buzz explored issues in greater detail.

AZPM’s Lorraine Rivera was one of four journalists chosen to moderate the U.S. Senate debate between Martha McSally and Mark Kelly in Phoenix.

On election night, the news team produced rolling live coverage on TV, radio, and online, providing a seamless local accompaniment to the national programming from PBS and NPR.

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NPR 89.1, Classical 90.5, JazzHD

NPR 89.1 recently attained the rank of #1 overall in the Tucson Metro market. This new record-high rank is based on the share of the average number of persons 12 years of age and older listening Monday through Friday from 6am to midnight in the Tucson Metro area during July, August and September, according to the September 2020 Nielsen Audio estimates.*

Compared to the same period one year ago, average quarter hour share (AQH share) was up 12.1%, the number of persons (AQH persons) listening in an average quarter hour was up 14.3%, and the amount of average time spent listening per listener per week (TSL) was up 20.7%.

NPR 89.1 maintained its #1 rank in afternoon drive, Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm, and was tied for #1 in the highly competitive morning drive hours, Monday through Friday from 6am to 10am. These rankings are also based on the share of the average number of persons 12 years of age and older in the Tucson Metro area during July, August and September, according to the September 2020 Nielsen Audio estimates.**

*(c. Nielsen Topline Radio Ratings, September 2020, Tucson Metro, Persons 12+, Monday through Sunday, 6:00am to Midnight, Average Quarter Hour Share.) **(c. Nielsen Topline Radio Ratings, September 2020, Tucson Metro, Persons 12+, Average Quarter Hour Share.)
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7.4% NPR audience increase in ages 50+
Jenn White
Jenn White, host of NPR’s 1A
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AZPM Passport,, and social media

AZPM Passport is a membership benefit that provides unprecedented access to a streaming library of favorite PBS programming. Within the last fiscal year, content was streamed on AZPM Passport more than 350,000 times, an increase of more than 59% from the same period in the previous year. Through targeted promotional efforts over the last few months, the number of logins on AZPM Passport is up 21% over last year with a 78% increase in watch time.

This past year, PBS offered the highly-anticipated new MASTERPIECE drama from Gurinder Chadha, Beecham House, exclusively on Passport prior to its on-air broadcast. Binge-able fan favorites, like Roadkill and The Trouble with Maggie Cole, were also offered to members.

The social media team builds and fosters the connection between AZPM and audiences in the social space, delivering innovative social content that elevates awareness and engagement. AZPM continues to connect and attract viewers and listeners through various multimedia platforms. Members watched more than 12 million minutes of TV programming, an increase of more than 62% from the same period in the previous year. Viewers and listeners can access full episodes of AZPM originals, as well as read and listen to exclusive content, on

Arizona Public Media used its online presence to reach viewers more efficiently in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The news team instituted a new focus for its online reach, making a concerted effort to make AZPM’s web-based journalism and social media more responsive and timelier in covering breaking news. In addition, the news and digital teams launched an online COVID-19 portal to help viewers stay connected and informed.

Due to the suspension of in-person events during the pandemic, the Outreach team adapted to host events online through OVEE, a digital platform that allows web users to interact while watching PBS and local content. AZPM staff hosted several such virtual screenings, enabling viewers and donors who were geographically dispersed to participate.

By posting content directly to Facebook, including local updates and information about the pandemic geared toward its Southern Arizona audience, AZPM significantly increased its engagement and reach on social media, attracting more than 12,000 Twitter followers and earning nearly 24,000 likes on Facebook.

AZPM Passport
AZPM PassportTop 10 AZPM Passport Programs*
  1. Charles and Di: The Truth Behind Their Wedding
  2. Arizona COVID-19 Town Hall
  3. Stand by Me
  4. The Mirror Has Two Faces
  5. Endeavour on MASTERPIECE
  6. Inspector Lewis on MASTERPIECE
  7. 10 Streets That Changed America
  8. Frankie Drake Mysteries
  9. Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed
  10. Midsomer Murders
**Most popular shows by minutes watched July 2019 to June 2020
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AZPM Passport,, and social media
59% Increase in Passport streams.
50% Increase in website users year over year.
+4% Facebook and Twitter engagement growth.
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Following Gov. Doug Ducey’s decision in March to close schools as part of the effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in the state, Arizona Public Media and Arizona PBS, with the encouragement of the Arizona Department of Education, partnered to provide educational content to students and educators affected by the closures.

The Arizona At-Home Learning partnership supported remote learning for K-12 students through a suite of free digital resources and an educational broadcast schedule of programs aligned with state curriculum standards. Endorsed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the dedicated website and programming suite continues to support Arizona school districts, classroom teachers, and parents who work to keep children educationally engaged at home.

The Education and Community Outreach teams worked with school districts during the remainder of the school year and over the summer to determine how they could best harness the wealth of online resources offered by PBS LearningMedia.

As a way to extend learning opportunities beyond the end of the traditional school year, the Education and Outreach team launched the AZPM Summer Adventure Club, a virtual experience geared toward elementary school age students that brought on-air learning to life by connecting members to PBS KIDS programming, activities, games, prizes, and more. In addition, AZPM conducted 72 PBS LearningMedia workshops, training 712 teachers to employ curriculum planning and resources in their classrooms.

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AZPM Summer Adventure Club
At Home Learning
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AZPM continues to connect the community through outreach and events that bring people and ideas together. In the summer of 2019, AZPM hosted several preview screenings, including the PBS 6 programs NOVA: Polar Extremes, Sanditon on MASTERPIECE, Ken Burns’ Country Music, and the Downton Abbey movie, and the PBS Kids shows Molly of Denali and Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.

A community interactive event to complement the Arizona Addicted series explored Arizona’s opioid epidemic and its impact on Southern Arizona.

A live presentation of The Buzz at Dunbar Auditorium featured a panel discussion on affordable housing, gentrification, and changing neighborhoods in Tucson. Together with The Center for Community Dialogue and Training, AZPM presented “One Small Step: Finding Common Ground,” an evening of conversation concluding the StoryCorps One Small Step project that aired on NPR 89.1 in 2019.

AZPM participated in the Pascua Yaqui Festival of the Arts, sharing children’s activities and educational information with families from the region. AZPM also took part in Family SCIFest, a signature event of the Arizona SciTech Festival that included a day of demonstrations, exhibits, and hands-on experiments at the Children’s Museum Tucson.

Further, AZPM shared resources from PBS Kids about inclusivity and culture during the Celebrating Culture/Unpacking Stereotypes event at the Arizona State Museum.

In conjunction with other local organizations, AZPM also helped plan the Century of Tucson Block Party, a joint event celebrating the milestone anniversaries of Arizona Public Media, Hotel Congress, Rialto Theatre, and the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.

In partnership with 31 local organizations, AZPM offered 39 events, many of them virtual, for the benefit of the Southern Arizona community. From screenings of PBS programs, kid-friendly events, and forums that facilitate important community conversations to community celebrations, AZPM’s outreach continues to bring people and ideas together.

Block Party
PBS character volunteers celebrate at the Hotel Congress Century Block Party on November 19, 2019.
Cheryl Gerkin
AZPM Education Outreach Coordinator Cheryl Gerken assists young attendees of the February 15, 2020 Family SciFest.
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Arizona Public Media employs between 20 and 30 University of Arizona students every year who are vital to the function and culture of AZPM.

Students gain hands-on experience by working in a variety of departments such as Television & Radio Production, Administration & Business Office, Marketing & Communications, Membership & Development, Broadcast Engineering, and Information Technology. Many of these students remain employed with AZPM for the duration of their college years.

Several AZPM student employees have gone on to successful careers in media and journalism after graduation, with some even being hired full-time by AZPM. Television production students perform studio production functions such as control board and camera operation, lighting, audio, technical directing, and editing. Field production training includes sound, lighting, and camera operation. Student employees who are interested in developing technical and creative skills produce graphic content for television, print, online, and other forms of digital media.

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Sanditon on PBS 6
“I appreciate my time as a student employee here at AZPM. I’m inspired by working every day with professionals who genuinely want the best, not only for their organization, but also for Southern Arizona.”
—Oswaldo Bustamante, Student Promotions Editor
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AZPM staff joined nearly 100 other volunteers at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to load 41 pallets of boxed food and 2,500 paper bags filled with non-perishables to be distributed to seniors in the community.

The AZPM community filled 22 boxes with nearly 600 donated items for the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive.

AZPM staff volunteered to organize donations and distribute food at the UA Campus Pantry just one week before the coronavirus shut down the campus in March.

Mister Rogers Sweater DriveAZPM volunteers David Wojtowicz and Lillian Turkel, Kristi Olbert of the The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, and AZPM COO Gene Robinson take inventory of a successful sweater drive.
AZPM volunteers at the food bankAZPM employees and volunteers at the Community Food Bank for Southern Arizona on August 24, 2019.
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The following graphs illustrate the operating and non-operating revenues and expenses for the year ended June 30, 2020. The complete financial audit report is available online at

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During this time of great uncertainty, we’ve been encouraged and humbled by the outpouring of support from our community. Generous donations from annual and sustaining members, support from the business community through program underwriting, fee-for-service production activities, grant support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and direct and in-kind support from the University of Arizona have made it possible for AZPM to continue to deliver the trusted news and information on which we all rely.

Annual Membership

Thank you to our more than 30,000 annual members whose support helps provide top-quality programming on six media stations and throughout our Southern Arizona communities.

Leadership Circles

AZPM Leadership Donors allow everyone in the community access to public media, regardless of their ability to pay.

Legacy Society

Planned gifts are often the largest and most significant gifts a donor will ever make, and we are so grateful to those who have chosen to remember AZPM in this most important way.


Hundreds of businesses and organizations understand that AZPM’s lineup of radio stations, television stations, and online assets offer a powerful platform to engage their customers. We thank them for their investment.

Thank you

Hundreds of businesses and organizations understand that AZPM’s lineup of radio stations, television stations, and online assets offer a powerful platform to engage their customers. We thank them for their investment.

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30K+ Annual Members
“I am a first-time donor and am extremely excited to become a member. I started listening to NPR about six years ago when I was a stay-at-home dad. During that time, I could barely afford to get by month-to-month. I am grateful and fortunate to be working now for a year plus, and in the position to be able to contribute, which makes me very happy. Keep up the good work.”
——Leo, New Member
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AZPM Donors

CEO's Circle$25,000 AND ABOVE EOS Foundation
Stephen Golden & Susan Tarrence
The George Mason and Lois C. Green Foundation
Kautz Family Foundation
Ellen Kaye
The David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation
Richard & Yvonne Morris
Michael & Carol Obst
David & Sarah Smallhouse
Stonewall Foundation
Producer's Circle$10,000 - $24,999 John & Laura Almquist
Alice & Paul Baker
Laura W. & Archibald M. Brown
Sam & Beatrice Ellis
Roger Hallowell
Franklin & Jean* Hamilton
The Jasam Foundation
Julianna Kasper
Thomas & Patricia Killoran
Nancy & Ed Landes
Patricia Morgan & Peter Salomon
The Paul Bryant Smith Foundation
Harold & Ann Paxton
Lollie Plank
Judy & Don Spiro
Tech Data Corporation
Barbra Vogen
Gail F. Wachtel
Director's Circle$5,000 - $9,999 The Allyn Family Foundation
Rose & Lyle Anderson
Cathleen Bailey
Ruth Benson
The Larry & Kathryn Berkbigler Foundation
John Blackwell & Denice Blake
Gail Burd & John Hildebrand
Susan Call
Carolyn Ann Cooper & John Sharawara
Joan Fitzgerald
James & Louise Glasser
Chris & Donna Helms
John & Patricia Hemann
Thomas Hestwood & Therese Jezioro
Gerhard Kaeser
Marianne Leedy
Annise Miller
Richard & Mary Ann Miya
James & Sandra Peebles
John Rhodes
The Jade Tree Foundation
Herschel & Jill Rosenzweig
Richard & Jasmine Seagrave
The Snider Family Charitable Fund
Mohan Somasundaram & Sara Tichenor
Ron & Marcia Spark
Jessica S. Walker*
Theodore R. Wimmer
David Wojtowicz
Doug Wylie
Editor's Circle$2,500 - $4,999 Susan H. Aiken
Bernd & Erika Brand
Kelly & Maria Brazzell
Garry Bryant & Margy McGonagill
Herb & Sylvia Burton
Setsuko Chambers & Keith Joiner
Christopher Corman & Faith Peppler
Joyce Cornell
Jean Coward
William & Barbara Dantzler
Richard & Vera De Jong
Karen De Lay & Bill Sandel
Theresa Devries & George Flink
Martin L. Dresner
Alexander & Mary Dunkel
Eileen Fitzmaurice
David Fitzsimmons
Dennis Grigal & Bonnie Schneider
Diana Hadley
The Dr. Lewis A. Hare & Ruth Lerman Hare Charitable Foundation
Elliott & Sandra Heiman
Louis & Sharon Hekman
Margaret Houghton
Ann Hunt
Jeff Koloseus & Sheri Neufeld
Paul Lipton
Thomas & Marcia Louchheim
Anne Maley-Schaffner & Timothy Schaffner
Richard & Jean McCarver
Gary McCormick
Christine M. McDonough
Juanita Merchant
Frances W. Moore
Janet Moore
Jim & Connie Murphy
Lynn Nadel & Mary Peterson
Christina Noz & Abraham Wu
Nadine O'Donovan
Kenneth & Lolene Pacholke
John & Penelope Pestle
Rolf & Sarah Peters
Jo Quintenz
Hope & Craig Reed
Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Fund
Jill & Herschel Rosenzweig
The Schmidt and Barton Family Fund
Jeffrey C. Silvertooth
Rica Spivack
Jane Swicegood
Jerome & Geraldine Tamm
Virginia Van Der Veer
F. Ann Walker
The Walnut Foundation
Rich & Dana Wekerle
Robert & Katherine Yaeger
Studio Circle$1,000 - $2,499See all Studio Circle donors hereEstates Dianne Andruch
Linda Cornell
Tam T. De Witt
Joanne H. Ellis
Robert Innis Moriarty
Marjie L. Fania
Pat Foremaster
Harold C. Fritts
Joe Letuks
Roslyn G. Miller
Davis Palmer
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Janice Rogers
Helen L. Snyder
Jessica S. Walker
Legacy CirclePLANNED GIFT William & Mary Ahls
Kathy Alexander & Paul Lindsey
Peggy Altfater
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Cathie R. Bacia
Joseph Benanti & Randolph Weese
Therese Berg
John Blackwell & Denice Blake
Nathaniel & Suzanne Bloomfield
Jane Bright
Ralph & Jane Bristol
Bonnie J. Buntain
Gail Burd & John Hildebrand
C. C. Caywood
Nia Clark
Joan Cochran
Thomas & Jeanne Crawford
George Crow & Roxie Lopez*
M. Mike Davis
Peter & Terry Downey
Martin L. Dresner
Charlotte Engvall
Marcella Erler
John Esterhay
John & Sally Evert
David Fales & Sara Hammond
Susan E. Finley
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Deane Ford & Clark Rook
Marilyn Galanti
Marjorie Gerdes
Barbara R. Gores
Gordon & Nancy Graham
Louise Greenfield & Simon Rosenblatt
Karen Griffith
Beth Grindell
Donita Gross
Suzanne J. Gross
Kenneth & Ethel Haber
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Ken Hirschberg
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Sara Lely & Douglas Taylor
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Kristine Marino
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Annise Miller
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Ernest R. & Sally Montagne
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Michael & Martha Mount
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Liselotte Copes Van Hasselt & Roelof Van Hasselt
John & Linda Verbiscar
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Herbert & Nancy White
Victoria Williams
UnderwritersAZPM underwriters reach an engaged and influential audience, and we thank them for their support. Due to space limitations, we’ve included a partial list of underwriters at the $1000 level and above. A & M SHELL
Adobe House Antiques
Alliance Bank of Arizona
American Institute of Architects
Amerind Foundation
Apache Gold / Apache Sky Casino
Arizona Aerospace Foundation
Arizona Center for Judaic Studies
Arizona Community Foundation
Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Family College Savings Plan
Arizona Friends of Chamber Music
Arizona Inn
Arizona Medicare Helpers
Arizona Oncology
Arizona Opera
Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance
Arizona Renaissance Festival/Royal Faires
Arizona Secretary of State's Office
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Arizona State Museum
Arizona State University
Arizona Telemedicine Program
Arizona Theatre Company
Attorney Keith A. Singer, P.L.L.C.
Aviva Children's Services
AZ Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
AZ529 Arizona’s Education Savings Plan
Bahti Indian Arts
Baker's Home Furnishings
Ballet Tucson
Banner Health UMC
Basis Tucson
Benjamin Plumbing Supply
Benson / San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce
Betts Printing
Beyond Bread
Bill Westcott, Inc.
Bisbee Breakfast Club
Bob Feinman
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange
Breckenridge Group Architects/Planners
Broadway in Tucson
Casa de la Luz
Casa De Los Ninos
Catalina Foothills School District
Catalina In-Home Services, Inc.
Catherine's Estates & Appraisals
Cathey's Sewing & Vacuum Center
Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Tucson
Center for Creative Photography
Chavez Wrought Iron
Child and Family Resources
Citizen's Clean Elections Commission
City of Tucson Transportation
Click Automotive Team
Community Food Bank
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Community Investment Corporation
Conway Tile Co., Inc
Dan Horner
David Sedaris
DeGrazia Foundation and Gallery
Dent Busters
Desert Christian Schools
Desert Milagros
Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center
DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails
Easterseals Blake Foundation
EcoSense Sustainable Landscapes
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Eller College of Management
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Empire Ranch Foundation
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Fleet Feet Sports
Flores Concepts
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Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation
Friends of the Pima County Library
Golden Goose
Goodwill Southern Arizona
Grandmas Spinning Wheel
Habitat for Humanity
Halili Physical Therapy
Hotel Congress / Maynards Market + Kitchen
House 'N Garden
Hownd, Inc.
Humane Society of Southern Arizona
IDEA School
Intermountain Centers
Ivy Investments
Jen's Organic Home & Jen's Organic Baby
Jewish Family and Children's Services
Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona
Jewish History Museum
Kathy Alexander and Paul Lindsey
Kitt Peak Visitor's Center
Layne's Clocks
Literacy Connects
Live Theatre Workshop
Maya Palace
Medico Ins Co
Mercado San Agustin LLC / Mercado District
Mercaldo Law Firm
Mildred & Dildred
Monterey Court
Native Seeds/Search
Northwest Healthcare
OdySea Aquarium
Old Pueblo Communitiy Services
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
PanTerra Gallery
Persian Room
Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio
Phoenix Falun DAFA Association
Pima Council on Aging
Pima County
Pima County Attractions
Pima County Communications COVID19 Vote Safe
Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
Pima County Wastewater Reclamation
Planned Parenthood of Arizona, Inc.
Plaza Colonial
Primavera Foundation
Raytheon Missile Systems
Research Corporation
Rug Gallery
Run Tucson
Saint Michael's School
Salpointe Catholic High School
Savaya Coffee Market
Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre
Seven Cups
Smith and Smith PLLC
Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. Law Offices
Sole Shoes in Tubac
Sonoran Institute
Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance
Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center
Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra
Southwest FolkLife Alliance
St. John's College
SW Fair Housing Council
Technicians for Sustainability
Temple Emanu-El
The Carriage House
The Catholic Diocese of Tucson
The Coronet & Fonda la Hermanita
The Gregory School
The Law Office of Kay Richter
The Maids
The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures
The Nature Conservancy
The Rialto Theatre
The Rogue Theatre
The Solar Store
Therapy Group of Tucson
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Tucson Audubon Society
Tucson Biological Wellness
Tucson Children's Museum
Tucson Desert Song
Tucson Electric Power
Tucson Festival of Books
Tucson Hacienda Canyon, LLc
Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation
Tucson Jazz Festival
Tucson Jewish Community Center
Tucson Lifestyle
Tucson Medical Center
Tucson Mobile IV
Tucson Museum of Art
Tucson Racquet & Fitness Club
Tucson Subaru
Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Tucson Thrift Shop
Tucson Unified School District
Tucson Waldorf School
Tucson Window and Door
UA Arizona Athletics Dept
UA Arthritis Center
UA BIO 5 Institute
UA Biosphere 2
UA Center for Rural Health, College of Public Hlth
UA College Of Humanities
UA College of Public Health
UA College of Science
UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
UA Dept. of Nutritional Science - UA Chilton Lab
UA Dermatology Department
UA Health Sciences
UA Hillel Foundation
UA Humanities Seminars Program
UA Learning Center/The Think Tank
UA Libraries
UA Poetry Center
UA Presents
UA School of Journalism
UA School of Music
UA School of Theatre, Film & Television
United Nations Association of Southern AZ
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
University of Arizona Cancer Center
Vantage West Credit Union
Ventana Medical Systems / Roche Tissue Diagnostics
Warnock, John
Western National Parks Association
Youth On Their Own
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AZPM Management

Jack Gibson,
Deb Dale,
Kimberly Heath,
Gene Robinson,
Enrique Aldana, Lili Bell,
John Booth,
Pat Callahan,
Brian Deevers,
John DeSoto,
Frank Fregoso,
Amanda Gormley,
Sara Gromley,
Jason Katterhenry,
Ed Kesterson,
Hildy Ko,
Duncan Moon,

Community Advisory Board

Steven Eddy,
Hope Reed,
Ed Frisch,
Susan Tarrence,
Ex-Officio Jack Gibson,
Laura Todd Johnson,
Emeritus Members Betsy Bolding,
Judith Brown,
Jennifer Casteix, MS, CCC-SLP,
Dan Cavanagh,
Karen Christensen, J.D.,
Chris Helms,
James Jutry, J.D., CPA,
Jan Lesher,
Anne Maley,
Jim Murphy,
Harry Paxton, Ph.D.,
Lt. Col. Simon Rosenblatt, Members Jodi Bain, J.D.,
Ted Borek, J.D.,
Ron Carsten,
Mary Ann Dobras,
Lynne Wood Dusenberry, J.D.,
Nicola Finley, M.D.,
Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Ph.D.,
Frank Hamilton,
Todd Hanley,
Hassan Hijazi,
John Hildebrand, Ph.D.,
Sylvia Lett, J.D.,
Paul Lindsey,
Maria Marin, Ed.D.,
Lynn Nadel, Ph.D,
Christina Noz, J.D.,
Hank Peck, CFP, AEP,
John Pedicone, Ph.D.,
Jill Perrella, J.D.,
Jill Rosenzweig, Ph.D.,
Tara Singleton,
Susan Tarrence,
Magdalena Verdugo,
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